Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flagstaff & Sedona Vacation with Friends

Our friends, Kelly & Ben and Samineh & Josh, spent a weekend in Flagstaff with us. This getaway was a true Flagstaff experience - complete with breakfast at Macy's, shopping downtown, skyride up Snowbowl, a steak cookout and ice cream in Sedona! The guys had some extra adventures riding in the Mustang to play disc golf, playing a round of pool and being fascinated with solar trash compactors.

Nephew Charlie at 6 weeks

While visiting Flagstaff I took these pictures of my nephew Charlie. My new favorite challenge is catching his first smiles on film!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Breakfast at Joe's Farm Grill

This weekend we played around our town of Gilbert. We also treated ourselves to breakfast at our local and famous Joe's Farm Grill. Read my review here.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cameron's New Position at SES

Cameron wanted this promotion and got it! He will be organizing the build site for the solar dishes he was so instrumental in designing and testing. 

Stirling Energy Systems (SES) ANNOUNCMENT:

Cameron Wyatt appointed Field Assembly Engineer.
Cameron’s abilities and his experience at SES over the past year lend themselves to the challenges we face in developing our capabilities for deploying SunCatchers in the field.  He possesses an in-depth  understanding of the dish structure as well as a broader knowledge of the other SunCatcher sub-systems. Cameron has been dedicated to developing the technology, design philosophy, assembly and manufacturing processes as well as building good working relationships with our partners.  He has played an important role in Jim’s Dish team through to completion of the XO build and we expect his skills and enthusiasm will contribute to the success of SES site operations.
In this new role, Cameron will work closely with our manufacturing and engineering teams as well as our key suppliers to help develop, implement and optimize assembly and installation capabilities.  He will also work closely with our Supply Chain and EPC teams to ensure smooth interfaces with our suppliers and with contractors developing the site. I am confident that Cameron’s background and past experience will prove to be very valuable as we move forward into the commercialization phase.

I heart Meetup.com

Two years ago I began a book club and a married women's social group on meetup.com.  Since then I have met some really great local ladies and have gotten to do a bunch of fun activities.  Here are a few of our past events:  painting pottery, dream dinners, chick flicks, spa day, wine tasting, bunco, historic home tours, brunch, yoga class, sushi,  couples bowling, movie nights, charity walks, hikes, dinner out, game nights & manicures and martinis.  See what we are doing next.

Nephew Charlie at 5 weeks old

While in Flagstaff for the day showing my sister property I took these pictures of Charlie.  He is starting to smile! However, when I changed the flash settings he did not appreciate it and you can see in the pictures he puts his serious face back on.  We had him going for awhile.  In a few more weeks I bet he'll be laughing.