Monday, March 26, 2012

Feathered Friends Festival

We biked over to the Riparian Preserve for the Feathered Friends Event. There were lots of unique animals for Liberty to see: alpaca llama, parrots, anaconda, snakes, turtles, owl, falcon, armadillo, capybara (largest rodent), fennec fox, and some kangaroo-like animal I forgot the name of...

Liberty got to pet them all - with the exception of the owl, falcon and anaconda. We brought a picnic lunch and enjoyed the beautiful spring day together. She especially can't stop talking about getting to hold the baby tortoises.

Friday, March 23, 2012

First Trip to the DENTIST!

Liberty was very excited to see Dr. Patrick (our awesome dentist) for the first time. All week long we had been talking about brushing, flossing, saying AAHHH, opening wide, buzzing sounds, tipping back in a special chair, tickling your teeth, what color mask Dr. Patrick would have, how mommy would get her teeth cleaned too, etc etc etc.

I think the narrative helped - because when we got there and they asked if mommy or Liberty should go first - Liberty said "My turn please"! Plus, I neglected to mention the FISH TANK so that was a cool surprise. She let them look at her teeth, count them, but wasn't fond of the electric cleaner (even though she likes my sonicare) so we will save that for her next appointment. It was a good experience. She even told Dr. Patrick he could come to her "Elmo Birthday Party" and "Eat Elmo Cake".

Pictures of her in the waiting room with her bag of 10 dogs who had to come along.
From 2012_3_21 - Dentist

From 2012_3_21 - Dentist

From 2012_3_21 - Dentist

Train Playdate and Random Pictures

We met up with my friend Chelsea and her kids Ella and Jack for a play-date at Desert Breeze Park and got unlimited passes for the Train Ride and Carousel. Oh happy day.

Also, there are some random pictures of Liberty after a nap and bonding with her "new dog toys" (she has earned 10 dogs for pooping on the potty and she insists we take them everywhere).

Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Horse Song Again!"

Liberty is very into this particular song at the moment...

From Videos of Liberty Dancing to Kindermusik

The Rest of February

What a funny month. We've been prepping for a yard sale, spending money like drunken sailors (dang cheetah surgery and storage shed!) and organizing/editing the house. In addition to these chores we had some wonderful things happen in February - my best friend since 5th grade came to visit! Molly lives in Colorado now and the last time I saw her Liberty was tiny (3 months?) so it was so nice to catch up with her and hear about her bun in the oven due Aug. 22nd. And if Molly & Josh don't find out the gender of their baby they better just call me and LIE about it because I am going crazy with the thought that they won't find out! It was great to have Molly hang out. We did Joe's FarmGrill, Trader Joe's, Liberty Market, cooked out, The PHX Zoo, Liberty's music class...etc. Don't know why I only got 1 picture of Molly and Libs at the Zoo. Feb. hasn't been a very picture-taking month for me I guess. But Molly did help put together a new picnic table for Liberty that Liberty is quite obsessed with. The picture is of our dinner that her puppy dogs had to join us for. She gets a new dog each time she poops in the potty which is is very proud of.