Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas was great in so many ways. It was special to have so much family we hadn't seen in a long time come visit (Thom & Derek & Andy from SF). The Wyatt side visited us Friday-Sunday, then we had Christmas Eve solo, then we spent Christmas day with the Wheeler side. We did a Gingerbread house, visited Superstition Farms for the Mooey Christmas event, are Ted Wyatt meals and opened gifts on Sunday. Then we laid low on Monday since Liberty got a stomach bug. Santa came, ate his treat, drank his milk and took the picture Liberty had made for him. Santa brought Liberty a Radio Flyer trike and a full stocking to our house with a note saying more gifts were at Mom-mom and Pipas. There she got a Princess Castle with all the beautiful princesses (just like she asked for on Santa's lap). Some of her other favorite gifts included Disney figurines, a princess toothbrush, a cat blankie, dress up stuff, Cinderella anything, PJs, soft dresses, craft stuff, twisatable crayons, candy land and more. Henry was so much fun to have around - it is nice to be snuggled and have a sleeping baby cozy up with you. Lots of great memories were made this year and we have such a wonderful family to share them with.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"He's my favorite baby" - Libs

LIFE WITH HENRY - the first week

Breakfast with Santa

Liberty went on a date with daddy to have a pancake breakfast with Santa, do a craft, decorate some cookies and sit on Santa's lap. (Thanks City of Gilbert - all for $10? I love it). They had a blast and daddy actually took some pictures to capture the day so I could see what my girlfriend asked santa for! "I want a Castle with ALL the princesses...snow white, belle..." This album has another video in it that I cannot seem to get on the blog otherwise. It is Liberty watching Henry be changed (like she does for almost EVERY diaper change!) and she is telling him to "calm down Henry, it's me, big sister." I love this video.

Henry James Wyatt is born!

Originally due on 11/28 and all motherly predictions pointing to an early delivery - our son FINALLY decided to show up on 12/5 - a day before I was to be induced. We visited our OBGYN the morning of the 4th and had an ultrasound to check on him since he was so late. He was fine and the tech predicted a 9 pound+ baby. We didn't believe her.Contractions started at 6pm Tuesday (at chipotle, where else?). My mom was summoned to watch over Liberty at 8:30pm. We labored at home until 3am, then met our midwife at the hospital. I was 6.5 cm when I checked in. Walked around and labored some more and got the epidural at 8cm. Had Henry at 9:43am. It was a really wonderful birth experience. Everything went as we had hoped and unlike Liberty's somewhat stressful entry into the world - Henry was very healthy and got to bond with us for an hour before the nurses took him from my arms for bath/shots/etc. 9 pounds 2 ounces, 20.5 inches (which we think is an under measurement because at his week checkup he was 21.5 - I doubt he grew an inch in a week! He was 9 7oz at 6 days old. He has the same STRAWBERRY hair as Liberty and the same BLUE EYES. He's pretty adorable and not a fussy baby. Liberty is over the moon at having our baby finally here - she has been nothing but 100% loving and helpful - not one tear shed or tantrum thrown. Henry fits right in and we love him like crazy.

Bump Photos

I tried to capture the pregnancy journey like I did with Liberty - here are the belly pictures we took! :) BUMP PHOTOS

Friday, December 14, 2012

"Calm down baby Henry, it's me, big sister"

I am working to get baby henry pictures on the blog soon...but for the chronic blog checker here is a little video that caught a cute moment from the big sister...

"Calm down baby Henry, it's me, big sister."
From 2012_12_8 Breakfast with Santa & Daddy

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Liberty's first Pony Ride...

I'm behind on here is a video from a little town festival we went to that had Pony Rides!  The 2.5 year old on her own horse - she thought it was awesome.  We also got to ride on a horse drawn carriage (just like CINDERELLA!)

From 2012_11_28 Holiday Pony Ride