Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall Festival & HALLOWEEN

Wow I'm behind on the blog so I'm back dating some of this and will keep the captions short and sweet.  Each year Liberty's preschool has a Fall Festival with games and a singing performance, etc.  She was dressed up as a blue ballerina.  We also went to Vertuccio farms with our neighbor friends The Gates. Henry was dressed a UA Wildcat but was sick on Halloween night so he didn't go trick or treating.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Henry is 10 months old!

Henry at 10 months old:

- MY FAVORITE - he gives KISSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cutest thing ever, I will get it on film if it kills me.
- crawls "for real"
- cruises furniture
- can walk with the radio flyer push wagon
- finally chilling it with putting absolutely everything in his mouth
- obsessed with remotes
- yelling when he wants something
- loving the outside swing
- LOVES playing the piano - he can reach it while standing.
- interested in everything that is not a toy (closing doors, soup cans, the monitor, cords)
- finger foods galore - chipotle, beans, salasa, bananas, rasberries, green beans, mixed veggies, steamed broccoli, shredded chicken, pasta.....still hates "puffs" though.  Loves stick pretzles.
- snuggles my shoulder before nap time
- touch and go with waving/clapping/mama - these days he's into singing, barking/panting like a dog, imitating any sound you make.
- JUST started using any useful sign-language like "more" "all done" (10/17/2013)
- THE WORST during diaper changes - rolls, refuses to cooperate.
- Liberty is obsessed with caressing his cold feet and taking care of any toe jam he may have. weirdo. lovable weirdo.
- sleeps 7-7, naps 9-10:30 and 1-3
- won't sit still for photoshoots anymore.......

Wyatt Family Reunion in Maryland

I don't have the energy to write about this amazing trip - or to edit down the 200+ pictures.  It was very very special - to ride on an airplane across the country with both kiddos, to vacation with super-grandparents, to meet so many extended family members, to sightsee in Washington DC and Frederick MD...I've been a Wyatt for 8 years and a part of this family for 12 say I love them is a huge understatement.  It was a great reunion and some nice quality time making Wyatt memories at the family farm.  Bonus - I got to see MY mom's only 3 cousins - so I got in a mini Wheeler/Brodar/Winter reunion too!

Air Show with Wyatts

We met up with the Wyatts in Sedona to go to the family day at the airport - air and car show!  It was so much fun and gorgeous up there as always.

Daddy Date Night

Liberty's preschool hosts a Daddy Date Night every year where the kids preform, they do a craft together, build something, do some playdough....etc - Liberty loves this night out so much she always asks to extend it by going out to dinner with daddy too - to where else - CHIPOTLE!

Henry's 9 month old photoshoot!

Henry is 9 months....and since I'm writing this a bit late it's hard to remember exactly what he was up to - but I'll try:

- weight - 19.2
- length - 30 inches
- pulling up to stand
- clapping, saying mama, waving - but not the greatest at doing these consistently!
- 1 tooth on bottom, 4 on top!
- likes drums and throwing a ball with daddy.
- does his "singing" - (hand over mouth call)
- crazy about Liberty
- his scooting - 1 elbow and 1 toe drag  (he actually stopped his scooting and started real crawling 2 weeks before he turned 10 months and I miss his fast scoot)
- sleeps 7pm to 7am and naps 9-10:30 and 1-3.
- hates grass (see attempt at photoshoot below) - the chair works much better.

Liberty Dancing

....and the video I will show Liberty's future boyfriends to embarrass her....


From 2013_8_29 Liberty Dancing Video

I'm so behind!! - some videos of Henry doing new things at 8 months old -

some videos ahead that quite possibly only blood relatives will be the only ones to bear the first 30 seconds of these 2:50 long home movies...

(These videos are from AUGUST when he was 8 months - I'm so behind at blogging!)

From 2013_8_23  Henry and Liberty (8 months and 3 years)

Saying Mama!
From 2013_8_23  Henry and Liberty (8 months and 3 years)

Scooting & sitting & dancing (kinda old news for him) -
From 2013_8_23  Henry and Liberty (8 months and 3 years)