Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This was our first Thanksgiving celebrating with only one of our families...and in a new city. As our family grows and moves locations we are trying to adjust into an alternating holiday thing...which is a big CHANGE for us having been spoiled with both sets of parents in the same town for so long. So this year we had our Thanksgiving meal with the Wheelers in Fountain Hills. The morning of Thanksgiving we went to the Fountain Hills local parade (the only Thanksgiving Day parade in Arizona!) and then we hung out until the big meal at 2pm. Charlie and Liberty napped during the meal so the grownups could sip Asti in peace. We got to speak to Patrick via phone. All the Black Friday Deals went LIVE online on Thanksgiving day, so I shopped via the computer too (and yes I feel bonding with family and shopping can co-exist). Friday, I spent a birthday gift card at Ann Taylor Loft (thanks mom!) while Cam and Liberty did the San Tan playground area. Cameron and I met up with some brand new friends (and their 15 month old) from our neighborhood at the Motor Trend Auto Show at the PHX convention center. We aren't in the market for a new car just yet, but we're pretty sure my Pacifica will die within the next year or two. Saturday, I hosted a baby shower for my sister at my mom's house. Nineteen family & friends gathered to see 33 week pregnant Kelly and her baby girl. The guys went out boating on Saguaro lake. Later that evening my mom babysat Liberty so we could go to a game night with our cool next door neighbors! Sunday, Cameron did some brutal chores (drip irrigation ditch digging anyone?) and then we relaxed and set up our Christmas Tree after an interesting Mass at St. Tims (new translation of the Mass). Hopefully I'll look back at this post next year and think - 2011 was a year of changes...but change can be good.

My cute pregnant sista:
From Kelly's Shower

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cardigan Cutie

All spiffed up to see baby Jack turn 1! Happy Birthday to one of Liberty's favorite babies! (she carried around his invite/picture for 3 weeks saying JACK JACK JACK). Liberty is very into having whatever mommy has (hence the recent cardigan and boots purchases).

From 2011_11_20 Cardigan Cutie

Freestone Park - Rides & Ducks & Bad Santa

We live near some of the coolest parks! Freestone park has a train, carousel and jet ski ride. We've never done them - until today! And now we will be loyal customers. Liberty was jumping up and down with excitement when we told her she could ride each ride. I almost didn't let her go the jet ski ride because they go by themselves and she's only 1 and a half for crying out loud - but she held the handle bars and had such a great time! Then we fed the ducks which is always fun. Then, by chance, we saw Santa Clause and she was fine at first and approached him, but as soon as Santa went to shake her hand she burst into tears - was terrified. So, I don't think we'll be sitting on Santa's lap this year. Cameron and I couldn't stop laughing because she's never had that reaction to anyone before - so her first "fear cry" totally took us by surprise - but Santa tends to do that to toddlers I hear...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zoo with Cheray

On a whim, my friend Cheray and I took our girls to the Zoo. It was a beautiful day and we hadn't been to the zoo in months so Liberty really enjoyed herself. She especially liked the Monkey and Tiger. I need to do a better job of getting Kayla and Liberty in a picture TOGETHER. Next time.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Fun time had by all. Liberty went trick-or-treating at about 4 neighbors houses. Tried to let herself in but they didn't mind:) She enjoyed glow-sticks, flashlights, a few lolly-pops, screaming like the older kids in the haunted house, and being the prettiest purple butterfly in all the land.

Pumpkin Patch with Heppner's

Oh my...more pumpkin fun! After a great breakfast with our friends at the Hangar Cafe at the Chandler Airport (airplanes everywhere!!), The Heppner family met us at a nearby farm on a hot day to ride the train, visit some farm animals, do the bounce house and air pillow and pick out a little pumpkin with our cute pumpkins. Sienna and Liberty had a ball - and so did the grown ups.