Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend!

Last Easter I was still VERY pregnant (overdue), so this was Liberty's first Easter. Last year was spent with our friends in town since I had to stay close to the hospital, and this year since I'm seeing my Flagstaff family next weekend, we spent it with our same good friends and *NOW* our kids. What a jam packed fun weekend! We took Liberty to the Zoo for the first time with our friends the Pittman's, then tried a Gymboree play class with our friends the Marti's! Lastly we tried to go to Easter Vigil Mass but I had the Mass time wrong and we showed up to an empty parking lot. BLESSING IN DISGUISE! I went by myself at the correct time and it was a 2 hour 45 min Mass with 30 baptisms, all 1,300 parishioners holding candles...it was beautiful but Liberty wouldn't have lasted. She did however like the Zoo and had a blast at Gymboree. On Easter Sunday we went to the Heppner's for a great Easter Egg hunt and a lunch feast!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Brushing her teeth

This kid LOVES brushing her teeth. More than a month ago she started imitating me brushing teeth (complete with the SONICARE electronic sound-effect). So here is a little video of our enthusiastic brusher.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Water Table Fun!

The Smith's always know the coooolest gifts! Thanks Aunt Nancy! Liberty adores her new water/sand table. Getting sand is on the todo list but for now she is thrilled with the water part. Here are some pictures of her first time with the water table, before I learned that just a diaper is the best outfit.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1st Birthday Party!

I was really touched that all my family and Liberty's closest friends came to celebrate with us. A few shout-outs.
UNCLE ANDY! Thanks for jumping on a plane to be with us this weekend. Everything would have been about 95% less fun without you here.
AUNT KELLY! Thanks for leaving sicky Charlie and still driving from Flagstaff to help me put on the party and love on Liberty.
GRANDMA JO AND GRANDPA TED! Thanks for all the slicing and dicing food prep and all the amazing love you showed Liberty this weekend.
GMA & GPA WHEELER! Thanks for braving the snowy road conditions to celebrate with us. And for the liquor chocolates:)
JENNY AND JASON: Thanks for coming to the party while Jenny was in labor. Welcome to the world baby Reed!
EVERYONE: Liberty is loving all the generous gifts. Thanks for making her 1st birthday such a memorable moment.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


stats and notes for our babybook...

24 pounds and 11.5 ounces (95%)
32 inches tall (Dr. Z said she measures like a 19 month old) (99%)
Says "up", "mumma", "dada", "blegh" and attempts "apple" (She thinks everything in the fruit bowl is an apple)
WOOFS and MEOWS at every dog/cat she sees (in books or outside) and VROOMS at every car.
Brushing her teeth with water is one of her favorite things to do.
Signs milk/cup, more, all done, swing/outside, diaper change, brush teeth, brush hair
Can point out her hair/head, feet/toes, belly (which she gets wrong and points to her chest everytime!), nose, mouth and ears.
Throws a lot of food on the floor at mealtime.
Loves to find anyone's bellybutton.
Pretty much eats all table food (finishing up the last of the babyfood jars..)
Whole milk now, and this is our last week of a bedtime bottle...sippy cups 100% now.
Loves to dance to the Imagination Movers in Concert show I recorded on the dvr.
2 naps 10-11:30 and 3-4:30.
9 teeth. Her second molar showed up after her birthday party. We never know when she is teething I feel like I'm the only mom that never knows.

From 1 year old photoshoot

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wyatt Visit - Projects, Maggie's Place Event and WW2 Airplanes!

What a fun-filled weekend! Grandma and Grandpa Wyatt came to visit. The men of Wyatt Hydronics installed a water-softner/filter for the house, the ladies played all day. Then, Cameron and I got dressed up to attend a charity dinner/auction to benefit Maggie's Place while we had babysitters. The event was such fun and I highly recommend going next year if anyone has the opportunity. On Sunday, Ted finally got to experience his Christmas/Birthday gift and rode in an SNJ-6 (WWII airplane) at Falcon Air Field in Mesa. We toured the museum and watched the classic planes take off and land - thrilling for us and Liberty-the-airplane-spotter-pointer, and even more so for Ted who got to see the Superstition Mountains and Salt river from a historic plane ride.