Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Can you say Mama?" - - "Dada"

This video about sums up my efforts during the past month....sheesh Libs, does BIRTHING you count for nothing?! :)

Christmas 2010 - 1st Christmas with the babes.

Where do I start describing this special Christmas? I teared up trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve thinking of how my baby girl will only be 8 1/2 months old once (could it be the cutest age ever?!) and next Christmas she'll be running around! That was my only pity-party. The rest of the weekend was 100% JOYFUL - with two loving families that light up around Liberty and showed her such a good time.
Short recap: Christmas Eve Mass with the priest we can't understand, Charlie saying "Oh no!" dropping toys and Liberty being adorable. Christmas Eve feast by Grandpa Ted and playing with Uncle Andy. Christmas morning at the Wyatts, Christmas afternoon at the Wheelers. Christmas day feast by Gma. Found the secret to perfect naps while traveling - Pack'n'play in the walk-in closet. Musical table, cars, trike, Statue of Liberty Barbie, a million books, a billion clothes. Charlie on a TOMMY! rampage (his love of Thomas the Train is extreme - Uncle "CAM!" is another favorite). Charlie naming me Aunt "BOBBY!". Even Michaela and Baby J came to visit - so the only family member we were missing was Patrick (who thankfully got to call us from Afghanistan!) We love our family and this Christmas was so much fun! Thank you for all the gifts and meals family!

P.S. Santa tells me every year it is "toned down" Christmas and ever year he lies!

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Christmas cards will be late - so here:

Everyday I meet the mailman at my mailbox and he always has bad news for me - no Christmas cards yet! At this rate they might not make it to you in time for Christmas, so I made this picture to post here. Merry Christmas everyone! We hope your holidays are as special as you are to us!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa's Lap: I won't cry mom, but I also refuse to smile.

We went to visit Santa Clause (at my gym! lol) and we got special treatment as the first kid with Santa. The kids in the gym daycare didn't even know Santa was there yet! So we tested places to take pictures and tried to make Liberty smile but she refused. She just kept looking at us like "You're joking right? THIS is Santa?" I'm sorry if she felt letdown, but Cameron and I had a good time snapping a few pictures.
Thanks Grandma Jo for the adorable Christmas sweater dress!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

8 Months Old - Paparazzi Shoot

Here is my JOLLY BABES at 8 months old. The latest scoop:
  • Liberty crawls (for real) on carpet, tries to crawl on the tile but opts for her faster army crawl (accompanied by the funniest heavy breathing, you must see for yourself to appreciate)
  • ADORES our cat Cheetah Girl and tries to communicate with her with dolphin-like squeals.
  • Pulls up to stand. S-C-A-R-Y
  • She claps. A lot.
  • I'm keeping all pictures of her double chin
  • She is about 22 pounds
  • Yes she rocks skinny jeans
  • 2 teeth
  • Very ticklish
  • Laughs AT you, not only WITH you.
  • Has eaten every food we have tried on her.
  • Is soooo peaceful on stroller rides
  • Total daredevil in the swing
  • Drinks from a sippy cup like a drunken pirate
  • Finally paying attention to books
  • Likes slapping our hands away from our covered faces when we say "where's mommy/daddy?" & being chased while crawling
  • Attracted to Mickey Mouse and not CNN (sadly).
  • If you ask "Where's Cheetah Girl?" or MEOW she'll look around for Cheetah.
  • It is getting impossible to change her diaper on an elevated surface - wiggleworm.
  • Sucks her thumb and cuddles before every nap/bedtime.
  • oh so much more......she is our favorite thing in the world. Hence the 31 images below. Don't make fun.