Monday, February 3, 2014

Henry's early walking and Liberty reading

Here is a random album with some of Henry's early walking attempts in late December/early Jan I think. He's gotten a lot more confident with walking in the past 3 weeks - but still doesn't do it full-time. Also, I ordered Liberty these level 2 BOB books that have a story SHE CAN READ by sounding out simple delivered them, we opened them, and she just started reading one! It was pretty amazing! It's not a great video, but I still wanted to capture her first attempt at reading a book solo - a pretty special moment for a parent I guess.

Pattern Fashion Show Singing Performance

I'm half embarrassed and half proud to post this. Liberty was a runway model, showing an outfit she had painted with a pattern on it...then the classes sang their pattern song. I realize my kid is drowning out every other singer - but in her defense, she was told to sing loudly and enthusiastically, and she sure followed directions!