Saturday, August 28, 2010

Swim said the mama fish...

Our long-time friends Jenny and Jason came over to splash around. Looking forward to future swim lessons with instructor Jenny! Liberty is sporting a vintage swim suit from 1983 - a hand-me-down from Mama!

Smile, Brow and Dimple

It's so hard to catch a smile on camera, but here is a cute one! Liberty has a million expressions - here are three we see often:) Excuse the drool.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rice Cereal

We fed Liberty her first food, rice cereal. Her first experience with a spoon was a mess as we expected. But we didn't expect that she would HATE it! hahaha. She made a yucky face for almost every bite! I feed her a little bit once a day now and she has warmed up to the idea. No more totally revolting she is more fascinated with the spoon/bowl and rubbing the cereal everywhere with her hands. Sorry for so many photos. I'm still trying to figure out my camera and the best setting for a wiggly baby. There is a cute little video within the photo album. Click below.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where's Baby? (new couch)

We scored big at my parents garage sale - a new couch! A MASSIVE couch. Can you find baby Libby?

Big thanks to the Wyatts for the fabulous delivery service! And to Doug for help loading! AND to the Wheelers! We love it! XOXO

4 months old

Our tiny baby is not so tiny anymore! 16 pounds 1.5 ounces (90th percentile) and 27 inches long (off the charts - 98th percentile). I'm happy to report I accomplished my goal of no more daytime naps in the swing. She is napping and sleeping through the night in her crib in her own room now. The past month she has started grabbing and putting toys in her mouth, has cooing "conversations" - especially with daddy at dinnertime. She sits up (supported) and can put some weight on her legs. She LAUGHS! and her neck and sides are starting to be ticklish. We are getting ready to feed her cereal and her first baby-foods very soon. That will make for a fun blog post! Here is a little of what we've been up to:


Liberty has rolled over tummy-to-back once and seems close to rolling over back-to-front since she sleeps a lot on her side. We work on it daily. Now if mommy could only be so motivated to do a few sit-ups while on the floor...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pinetop Golf Tournament

Each July my entire family gets together for a memorial golf tournament in remembrance of my Uncle Willie. While we don't golf, we still like to see all my 8 (soon to be 9) cousins, and other relatives we don't see very often. Our nephew Charlie was adorable and Liberty made her debut. Plus it always rains and that's a nice change of pace. This was our first overnight trip with Liberty - she napped for the 3 hour car ride to Pinetop and back, and continued to sleep through the night. What an angel:)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Toes to Mouth and "Bbbb" sound

Two new tricks in one day! Liberty found her feet and tries to put them in her mouth. Also, all the sudden she started this new noise - in addition to OOooos and Aahhhs she now does this blowing bubble noise that we find pretty entertaining.