Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Liberty (3) Henry (4 months)

We took both kiddos for their Dr. well-visits and came home with these stats:

Henry:  15 pounds and 27 inches - - 97% in height and 46% in weight.
Liberty: 34.8 pounds and 40 inches - - 96% in height and 86% in weight.

*readers beware, annoying mommy bragging to follow...

In other milestone news Henry is enjoying tummytime, grabs at toys and puts them in his mouth and is the smiliest/laughiest boy on the planet.  He rolls and drools. He naps 2-4 times a day (usually 3 - 9am, 1:30pm and a snooze during dinner or in between those big 2 hour naps).  We are trying to consistently get him to nap in his crib but it's touch and go.  Some days he does, and some days we give up and put him in the swing.  He still sleeps 7:30pm to 6:30am with the occasional wake up at 4am to cutely coo like a bird until I pop a binky in his mouth because I am not a nice mommy at 4am.  We talk daily about wanting to move him to his room.  He loves bathtime with Liberty, the TV, Sophie the Giraffe and when Daddy makes him dance to techno music.

Liberty is so bright.  Her vocabulary is insane and she is a sponge for learning new things (dog breeds, types of rocks, flowers, presidents, every name of all my friends, and their husbands and babies and dogs and everyone's favorite color and favorite princess...) She knows simple addition/subtraction and can count to 25 but her real love is letters.  She's known the sounds of the alphabet for over a year and she can tell us what almost any word starts and ends with and loves figuring out what is also in the word (spelling).  She can write her name and mommy.  She can sound out simple words.  She CANNOT rhyme worth a damn and she is the most uncoordinated kid ever (she has just figured out a 3 wheeled scooter).  She doesn't like scary things (this includes villains, tall slides/roller coasters, alligators, etc). She loves cats, the color blue (royal blue to be precise, followed by green, then pink, then purple), princesses (Cinderella), her cat blankie named StrawberryRose, arts & crafts, Henry and bratwurst.  She asks me for a baby sister almost every day. "When you are pregnant some other time can we get a girl baby with a blue and green dress? That would be adorable.  But. You never know what you are going to get, a girl baby or a boy baby. It's a mystery."  I hear this speech often.  Naps 2 hours a day, wonder how long this blessing will last...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Children's Museum of Phoenix

Nothing like an expiring Groupon to get your butt to the Children's Museum of Phoenix.  The last time we went Liberty was 18 months old I think - so it was definitely time to explore again!  My mom got to come along and it was a fun time!

Easter Farewell Party for Martis!

We've celebrated Easter with good friends a few times in the past and this year we celebrated the weekend prior because our good friends Kelly, Ben, Adalyn and baby Nora were moving back to their beloved St. Louis.  We have a lot of good memories of meeting at bookclub and married women's meetups, GNOs, boating, Kierland Staycation, Flagstaff road trip, celebrating pregnancies and births - and simply starting a new friendship from scratch in 2008? 2009?.  We will miss them and their great family.  The Heppner's hosted as usual and outdid themselves again with another potluck feast that included Samineh's dessert like White Chocolate Cheesecake and the best sugar cookies I've ever had (that the kiddos decorated).  She also crafted bunny ears/tails for the girls to wear for a bunny hop race.  The Easter egg hunt was a ton of fun and it was great to sit outside and enjoy our growing families. Cameron was away in California getting his Project Management Certification from Stanford so he missed out on our farewell party - but Samineh took on the roll of photographer, thank goodness, to capture some of the fun.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Liberty turns 3!!!!!!!!

Liberty's blue/Cinderella Princess party was a hit - she wore a blue/green dress and headband she picked out, had some of her favorite people over, bounced in the bounce house, decorated cupcakes (her request - but never again!), and enjoyed the generosity of so many friends and family members.  Uncle Andy even flew in from SF again, which is becoming one of the most treasured parts of her birthday parties.  Liberty is a bright, thoughtful little girl now - no more baby... she has been a loving daughter and sister and we are as proud as parents can be.  I'll end up doing a separate blog entry to mark some milestones for our own memory...but for now - the BIRTHDAY ALBUM!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We celebrated Easter in Fountain Hills with my mom and dad.  We had a great brunch and Easter egg hunt.  Liberty got so many goodies in her 3 baskets from grandparents and us.  She told us her favorite holiday is still Valentine's day but she liked dressing up in a new blue outfit for Easter.  We also celebrated Easter with friends the weekend before and I'll share those pictures later.