Monday, August 19, 2013

Preschool for Liberty (4s)

Last year Liberty loved preschool so much. She was in the 3s class and is now in the 4s class which meets MWF 9-12pm.  ?Next year she'll do Pre-K 4 days a week.  She has the same teacher Mrs. Ratliff who sincerely loves Liberty and thought of her often over the summer and texted/called us to say so.  Mrs. Ratliff knows my daughter and her obsession with blue, cats, princesses, her little brother and kindness. Liberty was so excited to get back to Wilkins Learning Center and show off Henry and tell everyone that he got his first tooth and has been scooting around and other random stories I swear she saves up to tell people (including telling Mrs. Ratfliff after she complimented Liberty's blue outfit that Grandma bought her this blue skirt with ponies on it to wear for the first day of school)

Henry is 8 months! Photoshoot!

Henry at 8 months...this is HIS MONTH.  I'm writing this a bit late but I'm glad I am because there wasn't too much of a change from 7-8 months for him but now at 8.5 months old he is doing lots more!

  • 1st tooth - the day he turned 8 months!
  • His scooting is very fast and distinct - 1 foot and 1 elbow shove off...
  • Can finally get into a sitting position after crawling around by himself.
  • Exploring a lot now (find him in the pantry, under chairs, touching outlets - all babyproofed, but still)
  • He is pulling up to stand in his crib and pulling up to on his knees and trying to bounce up on his feet on other stuff - so close!
  • When you help him stand at the music table, etc he LOVES it and can stay up pretty well on his own.
  • A few days ago he started WAVING when we asked him to.
  • A few days ago he started DANCING when we asked him to.
  • He's becoming a big copy cat - splashes when Liberty does. Yells when she does. Bangs when she does. 
  • He can't get enough of the pool or baths.  We do baths in shallow water and he sits, scoots, crawls, and doesn't mind laying all the way back and rolling and getting a face full of water.  He laughs and laughs.
  • Sleeps 7pm-7am and naps 9-11am and 1-3pm and 50% of the time he takes a short 40 min nap around 5pm.
  • Trying more finger food like strawberries/blueberries/graham crackers.

Henry Playtime 7.5 months

Just hanging out and eating some play-food.