Monday, April 14, 2014

Liberty's 4th Birthday Party!

Liberty really wanted a FROZEN themed birthday party.  Not since Cinderella had a movie captured her like FROZEN.  I was fortunate enough to have my friend Maria offer up some of her decorations since she threw a Frozen party a few months ago.  As any mother with a daughter knows, FROZEN stuff is sold out everywhere, so the only decoration I could find with the characters was a huge cardboard cutout - the rest we did with a winter wonderland theme and it turned out magical.  So magical in fact, that I couldn't resist having someone with a decent camera come to capture it all!  Julie Griffin took the photos, so I could sit back and soak up my little girl's celebration and all the memorable fun.  So worth it!

I was really feeling the love this day.  My family pitched in so much to pull it together, everyone that was invited came, Liberty spotted this "Elsa" dress for me to wear at Target and insisted I looked fantastic in it....I trusted her...and was giddy I fit into a size small - hasn't happened since high school!, Liberty was so excited to have her best girlfriends come over and she actually remembered to be thankful during present opening time (my parental anxiety moment) was just a beautiful day that Liberty enjoyed so much, I'll remember it forever.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Liberty's 4 year old photoshoot and interview

4 years old!  I took these pictures on her birthday 4/7/2014...and we did our traditional birthday interview video at dinnertime.

STATS:  Weight: 40.6 pounds, Height: 43.5 inches.  98% height.  Predictor website say she'll be 5 10 or 5 11 when she's grown up!