Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year we spent 4 nights with the Wyatt's and celebrated a great Christmas! Christmas Eve (brunch) was spent at my sister's house so we could exchange gifts with the Wheeler/Helsel side. We also went to 4pm Mass at Nativity of the Blessed Virgin together. Back at the Wyatt's for a to-die-for Pork Green Chilli meal. Andy was home too! So nice to have everyone together! Liberty absolutely ADORES her Uncle Andy, Grandma Jo and Grandpa Ted - and their black lab Murphy. Christmas day Liberty was up at 7am and Santa came through with an adorable baby doll (and a million other thoughtful gifts). We also looked forward to a visit with the Kris and Michael and Mary and Gus who we only seem to get to catch up with in person over Christmas each year. By 2pm, while Liberty napped, Ted's amazing Turkey dinner was ready and this meal was so memorable & awesome. We played together as a family and never even left the house on Christmas day! Monday we met up with Kelly, Doug and Charlie for a sledding adventure. Liberty grinned ear to ear - she's our daredevil. I was so thankful to be surrounded by my entire family (except Patrick boohoo) even if just for a few moments since we are trying to get in a rotation groove for all the holidays since my parents don't call Flagstaff home anymore. Especially with the loss and sickness of other family members this season, it was quite a reminder to cherish these joyful times together. Such a fun time - I miss everyone in Flagstaff but will see you all in January when my new niece is born 1/12/12!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

First Movie - HAPPY FEET 2

We took Liberty to her first movie today! Disclaimer - I'm the one that is into penguins and actually wanted to see this movie. Liberty doesn't sit through movies or even a TV show - which is fine by us (healthier even). Anyway, she was excited to see singing and dancing penguins. This musical movie has been out for weeks and we went to the 9:30am showing Sunday morning. We were the only family in the theater besides 1 other couple with a baby. THANK GOD because Liberty wanted to get up and dance and sit on the stairs - which she did a lot. The previews were terribly long and we just stayed for 1 hour of the movie. Don't recommend the movie either - HAPPY FEET aint so happy. It should be called UNHAPPY FEET. We still had fun. There were Chipmunk figures in the lobby and a huge poster of Beauty and the Beast that caught Liberty's eye.

Gingerbread House

My mom got us a Gingerbread house this year (I've never done one before) and Liberty had the best time crafting this together. Her excitement and anticipation is hard to capture on camera but it warms my heart daily. And she was concentrating so much! She is quite artsy. My apologies for so many pictures but I couldn't bring myself to delete much - even her "smile for the camera" pictures where she shuts her eyes tight are SO ADORABLE!

MOO-ey Christmas at Superstition Farms

So here are the other pictures from the rest of the Christmas-tastic fun to be had at the farm besides sitting on Santa's Lap! We did the Hayride, petting zoo and then made some smores by the fire. We were feeling so festive that we drove around and looked at Christmas lights after our 2 hours of fun at the farm! One of the houses had another Santa's lap waiting for Liberty but she sensed an impostor and wouldn't sit on his lap. WOW Christmas overload.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa's Lap 2011

It was the last day of MOO-ey Christmas at our nearby Superstition Farms, and we had nothing else to do so we decided - heck- let's go see if Liberty will cry or smile at Santa. Liberty has been a little chatterbox about sitting on Santa's lap. I asked her what toy she wanted Santa to bring her and she has responded with "baby" and "penguin". It may have something to do with those are often the toys she selects when I tell her to pick a toy to bring in the car - don't really know where she got those ideas. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, we have a smile-er!

For a walk down memory lane and her experience sitting on Santa's Lap LAST YEAR - click HERE. SO BALD!

From 2011-12-17 - Santa's Lap

From 2011-12-17 - Santa's Lap

Friday, December 16, 2011

Pre-Christmas Visit from the Wyatt's

Grandma Jo and Grandpa Ted came to visit! We fed the ducks at Freestone park and rode all the rides including the train, carousel and jet skis! Later we went out to dinner and then to see the Christmas lights at the Mormon Tempe in Mesa. The next morning we relaxed and took a stroll to our neighborhood park. Liberty has started to say Grandpa (papa) - especially when she sees a muffin. Ted makes his special muffins for her and she has associated all muffins with him. Liberty loves to do hair/makeup/lotion with Grandma Jo and to wear matching boots. It was such a nice, quality visit of playtime. Can't wait to travel up to snowy Flagstaff for Christmas at the Wyatt's!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

20 months - 16 pictures of her doing the same thing

Liberty is 20 months old and is not only the most joyful baby on the planet, but she loves learning, music and art.

Some of her favorites at the moment:

Kindermusik - her music class is the highlight of her week. Every single day we play the CDs and she has such a memory for all the motions to the songs and all the fun stuff at music class (parachute, hulahoops, balls, sandblocks, bells, ribbons, instruments, leaves, hand puppets, and on and on and on)
Crafts with Mommy - in addition to coloring with crayons daily, she loves to do water color paints and markers. She's been doing some handprint and Christmas ornament crafts too. Oh and stickers. Haven't quite gotten into glitter, etc but very soon we will.
Chalk and Painting with Water Outside - When the weather is nice (and when it isn't) she asks to do chalk and loves to paint with water. She paints the driveway, the house, rocks, her chair...
Hunting for bugs - Everyday she wants to go on a walk to find Ants, worms, bees, geckos, spiders, rolly-pollies, etc. So far I have succeeded in putting the fear of God in her when it comes to TOUCHING bugs - so we do a lot of "looking with our eyes" and pointing.
ABCs and COLORS - Liberty loves to have you quiz her about her ABCs and colors more than anything. She can identify A,B,I,M,O,P,S - don't know why. She isn't as interested in counting - but if she has two of something in her hands she will yell "TWO!"

And now if you don't believe how much she loves Arts & Crafts - here are pictures from a simple marker project today...JOY I tell ya - JOY.


These past couple weeks Liberty has made huge strides in knowing her COLORS! She knows Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Black and Brown - Red/Green are the most difficult for her. We've been doing a lot of art with paints/markers/crayons/chalk and I think this has helped with her colors.

From 2011_12_7 - Arts & Crafts Videos

Musical Instrument Museum (MIM)

We headed up to the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix and played a lot in their "experience center" room. We did a small portion of the actual museum which was so neat - unlike any other museum I've ever been to. The 2 hours we spent here flew by and we had to leave because it closed at 5pm.

Tip: Bank of America customers get in free the first weekend of each month ($15pp savings).

Lots of very short videos in this slideshow...I had to capture all the MUSIC!
If you aren't in the mood for multiple 30 second videos may I suggest this collage...
From Collages

The Box

This box was in our house for a week because Liberty had made it a comfy seat (complete with a pillow).

From 2011-12-5 - Playing

From 2011-12-5 - Playing

"Are you going to be a good girl?" "YEA...Nooooo"

Liberty's favorite word is YEA (very agreeable) - but she is very skeptical of Santa since her bad run in with him at the park. She's undecided about this Santa character coming to visit...

From 2011-12-5 - Playing

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This was our first Thanksgiving celebrating with only one of our families...and in a new city. As our family grows and moves locations we are trying to adjust into an alternating holiday thing...which is a big CHANGE for us having been spoiled with both sets of parents in the same town for so long. So this year we had our Thanksgiving meal with the Wheelers in Fountain Hills. The morning of Thanksgiving we went to the Fountain Hills local parade (the only Thanksgiving Day parade in Arizona!) and then we hung out until the big meal at 2pm. Charlie and Liberty napped during the meal so the grownups could sip Asti in peace. We got to speak to Patrick via phone. All the Black Friday Deals went LIVE online on Thanksgiving day, so I shopped via the computer too (and yes I feel bonding with family and shopping can co-exist). Friday, I spent a birthday gift card at Ann Taylor Loft (thanks mom!) while Cam and Liberty did the San Tan playground area. Cameron and I met up with some brand new friends (and their 15 month old) from our neighborhood at the Motor Trend Auto Show at the PHX convention center. We aren't in the market for a new car just yet, but we're pretty sure my Pacifica will die within the next year or two. Saturday, I hosted a baby shower for my sister at my mom's house. Nineteen family & friends gathered to see 33 week pregnant Kelly and her baby girl. The guys went out boating on Saguaro lake. Later that evening my mom babysat Liberty so we could go to a game night with our cool next door neighbors! Sunday, Cameron did some brutal chores (drip irrigation ditch digging anyone?) and then we relaxed and set up our Christmas Tree after an interesting Mass at St. Tims (new translation of the Mass). Hopefully I'll look back at this post next year and think - 2011 was a year of changes...but change can be good.

My cute pregnant sista:
From Kelly's Shower

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cardigan Cutie

All spiffed up to see baby Jack turn 1! Happy Birthday to one of Liberty's favorite babies! (she carried around his invite/picture for 3 weeks saying JACK JACK JACK). Liberty is very into having whatever mommy has (hence the recent cardigan and boots purchases).

From 2011_11_20 Cardigan Cutie

Freestone Park - Rides & Ducks & Bad Santa

We live near some of the coolest parks! Freestone park has a train, carousel and jet ski ride. We've never done them - until today! And now we will be loyal customers. Liberty was jumping up and down with excitement when we told her she could ride each ride. I almost didn't let her go the jet ski ride because they go by themselves and she's only 1 and a half for crying out loud - but she held the handle bars and had such a great time! Then we fed the ducks which is always fun. Then, by chance, we saw Santa Clause and she was fine at first and approached him, but as soon as Santa went to shake her hand she burst into tears - was terrified. So, I don't think we'll be sitting on Santa's lap this year. Cameron and I couldn't stop laughing because she's never had that reaction to anyone before - so her first "fear cry" totally took us by surprise - but Santa tends to do that to toddlers I hear...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zoo with Cheray

On a whim, my friend Cheray and I took our girls to the Zoo. It was a beautiful day and we hadn't been to the zoo in months so Liberty really enjoyed herself. She especially liked the Monkey and Tiger. I need to do a better job of getting Kayla and Liberty in a picture TOGETHER. Next time.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Fun time had by all. Liberty went trick-or-treating at about 4 neighbors houses. Tried to let herself in but they didn't mind:) She enjoyed glow-sticks, flashlights, a few lolly-pops, screaming like the older kids in the haunted house, and being the prettiest purple butterfly in all the land.

Pumpkin Patch with Heppner's

Oh my...more pumpkin fun! After a great breakfast with our friends at the Hangar Cafe at the Chandler Airport (airplanes everywhere!!), The Heppner family met us at a nearby farm on a hot day to ride the train, visit some farm animals, do the bounce house and air pillow and pick out a little pumpkin with our cute pumpkins. Sienna and Liberty had a ball - and so did the grown ups.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Before Halloween

Grandma Jo and Grandpa Ted came to visit! We went to see Elmo at Changing Hands bookstore and hung out in the gorgeous weather. Lots of crafts and Halloween prep too.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patch and Butterflies with Gma and Gpa

We took a trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens to take a hayride, pick out a pumpkin, visit the petting zoo and see the butterfly exhibit. It was TOO DAMN HOT but Liberty enjoyed spending time with my parents. We dressed her up in her Halloween costume (purple butterfly) so Gma and Gpa could get to see her and Liberty was quite the attraction inside the butterfly exhibit (people took pictures/video of her for example!) She was too adorable for words. So instead I have 43 pictures for you.

18 months old

Recap of what our very tall 1.5 year old is up to these days...

Weight: 28lbs 2 oz, Height: 35.5 inches according to Dr. (99.9%) we think she's 35 inches (99.6). She is as tall as an average 30 month old. 3T in clothes.
Sleeps 7:45pm-7:30am. New to 1 nap: 12:45-3pm.
Hobbies: Pointing out every airplane, bike rides, coloring and stickers.
Says about 40 words, 12 of which a stranger could recognize.
Still calls all babies "mama". LOL I cannot figure this out. Baby was MY third word.
Has a love of lollypops, popsicles and the ability to DIP anything (in ketchup, ranch, italian)
Is DJ TRAK_TOR's biggest fan. Uncle Andy mixes her custom beats.
REALLY loves her weekly music class with Miss Colleen she calls "teacher".
Favorite movies: Milo & Otis and BABIES
Favorite books lately: "If you give a mouse a cookie..." and all the others in that series and Eric Carle books like "Brown Bear". And Gyo Fujikawa books like Baby Animals.
BUTTERFLIES are her #2
BABY DOLLS/STUFFED ANIMALS (like beanie babies) are her #3
Tells me almost every times she goes potty in her we are giving early potty training a shot here soon. She's used her potty a few times (by luck I'm sure).
Requests to give Cheetah Girl a cat treat at least 5 times a day.
If you ask her to say Flamingo or Music class it sounds like she says "Nicki Minaj". Go figure.

Video (6 min) of her doing some of her animal sounds and words:
*all the chest thumping is her signing "gorilla"
*when she gets distracted and runs away and asks me to pick her up that is because I asked her to say "Trash truck" and she thinks we need to run outside fast to catch the trash truck like we usually do.
*sweet dancing at 4:50

From Animal Sounds and Words VIDEO

Thursday, October 13, 2011

San Francisco 2011

Each October we head over to SF to visit Cameron's Granddad and Uncle Thom. Last year Liberty was 6 months and took her first plane ride, and now she was 18 months and got the biggest kick out of flying in an airplane! Thom and Derek hosted us in their beautiful new home with a TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY view. It was also Fleet Week so the Blue Angels were flying around the city - so we spent a lot of time on the deck watching that. In addition to visiting Granddad and Thom, ANDY lives in SF now so we were SO HAPPY to see him. Liberty has a special fondness for her Uncle Andy and he picked us up from the airport and drove us all around the city. Grandma Jo and Grandpa Ted came out too!! We ate out, went to the Farmers Market at the ferry building, visited the sea lions at Pier 39, ate at House of Nanking, watched the air show, visited Granddad and had many meals with him. It was so nice having the 4 generations together. Liberty had a blast (minus the stomach bug that had her a little puky at 1am each night) but we love San Francisco and our family so it was a wonderful trip.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oktoberfest in Tucson 2011

Each year since I've been 18 I've celebrated Oktoberfest with Two-Dad. While at the UofA, we'd go up Mt. Lemmon in Tucson and listen to music, eat, sit in the grass - the usual. But for the past couple years we bring the food and music to Two-Dad at his house. This year the party got pretty big at Aunt Nancy's (how I forgot pictures there, I don't know) so we had a quiet visit at Two-Dads. He is one of the most amazing men I know and I'm so happy we have these pictures.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eating a Popsicle

Here is Liberty enjoying a popsicle (actually TWO) one day while I am trying out some new settings on my camera. I have a point and shoot camera and I feel like the pictures I take inside never turn out very well (maybe because of the windows in the family room) there is my lame excuse for the 27 pictures of my child eating a popsicle. And she's adorable. There is that too. I especially like the short video of her "eating a popsicle". :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Random Fun (lunch, cookies, drawing, chalk, painting)

I really hope this great weather sticks around. Liberty and I have been trying to keep entertained indoors (lots of drawing and baking) but this morning we went outside while Cameron did some garage cleaning and we did chalk and "painting" on the driveway - it was so nice!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Her hair is obviously growing. In other news Liberty is talking a lot more and said "night night" for the first time yesterday (and she said it really well, it was so cute!) She has about 30 words mommy understands and about 10 that regular people could understand.

After one particularly sweaty nap...

From 2011_9_1 Bedhead

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pinetop Getaway with the Wyatts

We had a belated Labor Day getaway up to the White Mountains. We enjoyed the family cabin and invited Grandma Jo and Grandpa Ted along. We walked around Fools Hollow Lake, played at the park, rode the ATV, had an Alaskan Salmon dinner courtesy of Aunt Jane catching salmon/halibut for us!, and enjoyed the 75 degree weather and rain storms. Grandma brought Liberty an Elmo doll (her #1 favorite thing) so that was exciting. It was a great time together!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Escape to Flagstaff PART 2

Here are the pictures from my sister's camera of our trip to cool Flagstaff. These pictures crack me up because one of the things we knew we must do with Charlie and Liberty is dress them us as pirates! LOL. They weren't that thrilled with it - but it made for a funny photo shoot because they look ready to make the mommies walk the plank!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bedtime Reading with TRASH TRUCK

Here is a picture of Liberty, her Cheetah blankie, and her trash truck. Yes, the Gilbert City Recycle Truck driver stopped in front of our house and handed Liberty this foam trash truck toy - it pays to rush outside and wave to them!! They have always been so nice to us as we watch from the sidewalk, the driver always does extra CLAW movements for us before he picks up our bin:) and he honks the horn! To say the least, Liberty loves her trash truck and wanted to snuggle with it during this reading session:) She is also a huge Eric Carle fan all of the sudden - demanding MORE MORE MORE after every reading of Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? and The Very Busy Spider.

From 2011_8_26 Bedtime reading

From 2011_8_26 Bedtime reading

Monday, August 29, 2011

Devil With The Blue Dress

I went a little camera crazy while getting Liberty ready for a birthday party. I got her this cute blue dress thinking she would wear it next summer (size 3T?!?! HELLO!). But she rocked it and I kept thinking of the song Devil With The Blue Dress. A few family self portraits turned out cute...

Then we went to Kayla's 1st birthday party and played and played. (sorry the pictures in this album are not so great).

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Escape to Flagstaff

With the extreme heat advisory warning in Phoenix, we decided to escape up to the high country and stay with my sister for a couple nights! Hello 85* high and 56* low! It was my first road trip solo with Liberty and our first time staying at my sister's house - it was a TON OF FUN! Liberty just played and played and played with cousin Charlie, ran around OUTSIDE (what a concept!), and even got to see both her grandparents (BONUS!).

Monday, August 15, 2011

Aquarium with Gma and Gpa

Liberty had a great date with my parents - we all trekked to the SEA LIFE Aquarium at AZ Mills Mall. We saw all types of exotic fish, crabs, eels, stingrays, sharks and the adorable sea horses! Liberty had a blast checking out all these animals she's only read about before today and it was so nice to visit with my folks. XOXO

Monday, August 8, 2011

Still 2 naps...

I tried for about a week to get Liberty to consolidate her 2 naps to 1 afternoon hasn't worked yet.

From Just Because videospics 15 months

Techno Dance Video

We interrupt snacktime to bring you...Liberty dancing! She's very into music (which Cameron and I understand - we both come from musical families) but Liberty is also very into DANCING - which Cameron and I don't do. Here she is listening to a song Uncle Andy sent - and she debuts a new robot-like move. Enjoy!

From Just Because videospics 15 months

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pinetop Golf Tournament 2011

Each year in July we go to Pinetop to remember my Uncle Willie and see all his family/friends at a memorial golf tournament. My cousins Natalie and Robby are growing up so fast and I love that Natalie is a mini-Angie and Robby is a mini-Willie. This year we rented a cabin with my parents and Kelly/Doug/Charlie. It was great to be in Pinetop again and see the *almost* entire extended family. My camera didn't have any battery left so Kelly was nice enough to let me play paparazzi with her camera - man we've got cute kids!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Children's Museum of Phoenix with Grandparents!

Grandma Jo and Grandpa Ted came to visit for a weekend of Liberty love. We all had the best time! We went to the Children's Museum for the first time and Liberty had a blast. We started in the "under 3" area - but then did almost every exhibit except the huge climber structure and the art studio (Liberty is a fanatic for crayons but I'm not prepared to hand her a paint brush just yet!). It was almost impossible to take a good picture because she was moving all around touching everything, so I took a lot of mini-videos for us to remember the outing by (even though they fail to capture the pure BLISS Liberty was experiencing). Later in the weekend we also had a great dinner at Liberty Market and Libs ran around the splashpad.

Yellow tutu dress

I took these pictures of Liberty in a dress we picked up at costco. She often pulls it out of her dresser drawer and wants to wear it. She is getting better about keeping headbands on. She still pulls out hairclips. I love having a little girl!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

15 months old!

She Runs.
Plays hide and seek - she likes to be the seeker.
She has so many preference. You offer her milk, she shakes her head no, you offer her water she nods her head yes. You get a sippy cup and she shakes her head no, you pick up a different sippy cup with a straw, she shakes her head yes. And then there is the books she'd prefer to be reading...
She knows so many animal sounds and points out so many body parts.
Enjoys panting like a dog.
Best words used all the time: mama, dada, water, up, Elmo
Lots of words in the works: book, ball, cat, milk...
More signs: owie, please, bike, flying (for butterflys, bumblebees, etc)
Uses a plate and (sometimes) utensils now.
Calls all babies "mama" - ?? hahahaha
Likes doing puzzles and finding objects in pictures.
Loves a good dance party.
Into all things girl grooming, including brushing hair, chapstick, deodorant, jewelry, lotion, etc.
Stirs up a mean cup of tea.
Speaks her own gibberish. Especially on her phone (aka calculator).
Sleeps 8pm-8am, naps at 10am and 3pm for 1.5 hours each time.
26.7 pounds - (90%) -
34 inches - (99.8%) - the size of a 2 year old. She'd be the 3rd tallest out of 1,000 girls her age.

Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July Weekend.

No HAPPY 4th of July!!! post here. We laid low due to Liberty's first major illness. For a kid whose never had an ear infection or a cold we couldn't treat at home...we spent July 2nd (Saturday) at the Pediatrician since she had a very high fever that we just couldn't break! It was a mystery that was eventually solved when a rash broke out all over her body on Sunday July 3rd. Roseola. High fever, low appetite, and just plain miserable. We skipped some swim lessons and watched a lot of Elmo's World. She was feeling good enough to venture out for a holiday cookout at Gma and Gpa's new house and boy oh boy were we glad we did!! We found out at that family cookout that my sister is pregnant and Charlie will be a big brother in January!!!!!!!!!! Liberty was 100% better by Tuesday so we finished out the week's swim lessons. Also included in the photo album are some videos of Liberty playing with jewelry (her new fave thing), speaking gibberish, and just being followed around by the paparazzi that is a stay-at-home mom. Some very random and un-interesting photos/video after the jump...

Monday, June 27, 2011

UTAH VACATION!! Zion National Park and Park City!

While attending a charity auction for Maggie's Place we purchased a 6 night vacation package to Park City UT that included passes to the Olympic Park to do zip-lines, slides, ski jump show, and a bobsled ride. We stayed in a 4 bedroom townhouse with our good friends Carrie and Paul, the ideal travel partners. We were walking distance to Main St. and the townhouse is a ski-in-ski-out house on the mountain. It was a beautiful 75 degrees in Park City. We decided to drive the Prius to Park City (12 hours!) so we tacked on a 2 night stay in Springdale, UT at the entrance of Zion National Park. One of my favorite things to do is pre-plan trips and I must say all my research really served us well in Zion. The hotel was PERFECT, we had the best meals, and the 2 hikes we took were ideal for us. The usually hot 95 degree weather in Zion cooled down to a beautiful 75* for us! We spent a night with Cameron's parents in Flagstaff (2.5 hour drive), celebrated Father's day a little early, drove 5 hours to Zion, then drove 5.5 hours to Park City. On the way home we drove the entire 12 hour drive straight, making it 14 hours with stops. Liberty was happy as a clam the whole time (except 1 particular 15 min cry). My secret new toy/book bag came in handy, and I also credit our success to pringle chips, camelback water bottle, matchbox cars and daddy's watch. Truthfully, Liberty had a blast and we had the time of our life sharing this vacation with her.



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family in town - FOREVER!

My parents have moved to Fountain Hills! WOOHOO! After a scenic 35 min drive, we can visit with Gma and Gpa, swim, pet Rusty boy - life is good. Here are a couple pictures from move-in weekend with the WHOLE family (Patrick back from Afganistan and Kelly/Doug/Charlie down from Flagstaff). We did the Zoo too:)

From Everyday videos and zoo

From Everyday videos and zoo

From Everyday videos and zoo

From Everyday videos and zoo


Liberty just started doing this funny face whenever we ask her to SMILE! for the camera - She squints and scrunches her whole face.

From Everyday videos and zoo

Friday, June 3, 2011

Splash Pad

Here are some pictures and small, poor quality videos of Liberty and our friends at a nearby Splash Pad. We got together with friends for a dinner at Liberty Market, and then walked to the splashpad next door so Liberty, Adalyn and Sienna could play in the water. Liberty had a great time winning the fearless wild child award.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This morning while still in her PJs, Liberty handed me the remote and did a little jig - asking me to turn on her DVD of the Imagination Movers in Concert. I don't know what it is about these guys...but she absolutely LOVES to dance to their music. She put on the hat too - she's into hats lately but this one (from when I was a baby) is by far her favorite.

Monday, May 16, 2011


This weekend we got in our pool for the first time this summer after a couple failed attempts. (I'm a wuss with cold water). It was a lot of fun. Liberty is a big fan of wearing hats. She also LOVED that Cameron put on music on the outdoor speakers. She kept trying to get her groove on in her floaty. I'm sure there will be many more days like this to come.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Busy, beautiful weekend...Birthday celebration with friends(Adalyn turned 1!), I showed a bunch of properties and wrote an offer for clients, and we biked around the neighborhood with our new ibert! Mother's day was great...Handmade card & DVD from Liberty (and Cameron), a new diaper-bag, ibert bike seat, dinner/dessert at PF Changs, lots of sweet cards from was a glorious weekend!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Off to Flagstaff we go...

We went to Flagstaff to celebrate my dad's retirement! (WOOHOO for 37 years in the Fire Dept Chief Wheeler!) and to celebrate my nephew Charlie's #2 birthday! (WOOHOO for 2 years of being adorable!)

Didn't get any pictures of the retirement party (boo) since we were chasing around Liberty (the dance floor was calling her). I did however play paparazzi at the Thomas the Train birthday bash.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend!

Last Easter I was still VERY pregnant (overdue), so this was Liberty's first Easter. Last year was spent with our friends in town since I had to stay close to the hospital, and this year since I'm seeing my Flagstaff family next weekend, we spent it with our same good friends and *NOW* our kids. What a jam packed fun weekend! We took Liberty to the Zoo for the first time with our friends the Pittman's, then tried a Gymboree play class with our friends the Marti's! Lastly we tried to go to Easter Vigil Mass but I had the Mass time wrong and we showed up to an empty parking lot. BLESSING IN DISGUISE! I went by myself at the correct time and it was a 2 hour 45 min Mass with 30 baptisms, all 1,300 parishioners holding was beautiful but Liberty wouldn't have lasted. She did however like the Zoo and had a blast at Gymboree. On Easter Sunday we went to the Heppner's for a great Easter Egg hunt and a lunch feast!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Brushing her teeth

This kid LOVES brushing her teeth. More than a month ago she started imitating me brushing teeth (complete with the SONICARE electronic sound-effect). So here is a little video of our enthusiastic brusher.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Water Table Fun!

The Smith's always know the coooolest gifts! Thanks Aunt Nancy! Liberty adores her new water/sand table. Getting sand is on the todo list but for now she is thrilled with the water part. Here are some pictures of her first time with the water table, before I learned that just a diaper is the best outfit.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1st Birthday Party!

I was really touched that all my family and Liberty's closest friends came to celebrate with us. A few shout-outs.
UNCLE ANDY! Thanks for jumping on a plane to be with us this weekend. Everything would have been about 95% less fun without you here.
AUNT KELLY! Thanks for leaving sicky Charlie and still driving from Flagstaff to help me put on the party and love on Liberty.
GRANDMA JO AND GRANDPA TED! Thanks for all the slicing and dicing food prep and all the amazing love you showed Liberty this weekend.
GMA & GPA WHEELER! Thanks for braving the snowy road conditions to celebrate with us. And for the liquor chocolates:)
JENNY AND JASON: Thanks for coming to the party while Jenny was in labor. Welcome to the world baby Reed!
EVERYONE: Liberty is loving all the generous gifts. Thanks for making her 1st birthday such a memorable moment.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


stats and notes for our babybook...

24 pounds and 11.5 ounces (95%)
32 inches tall (Dr. Z said she measures like a 19 month old) (99%)
Says "up", "mumma", "dada", "blegh" and attempts "apple" (She thinks everything in the fruit bowl is an apple)
WOOFS and MEOWS at every dog/cat she sees (in books or outside) and VROOMS at every car.
Brushing her teeth with water is one of her favorite things to do.
Signs milk/cup, more, all done, swing/outside, diaper change, brush teeth, brush hair
Can point out her hair/head, feet/toes, belly (which she gets wrong and points to her chest everytime!), nose, mouth and ears.
Throws a lot of food on the floor at mealtime.
Loves to find anyone's bellybutton.
Pretty much eats all table food (finishing up the last of the babyfood jars..)
Whole milk now, and this is our last week of a bedtime bottle...sippy cups 100% now.
Loves to dance to the Imagination Movers in Concert show I recorded on the dvr.
2 naps 10-11:30 and 3-4:30.
9 teeth. Her second molar showed up after her birthday party. We never know when she is teething I feel like I'm the only mom that never knows.

From 1 year old photoshoot

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wyatt Visit - Projects, Maggie's Place Event and WW2 Airplanes!

What a fun-filled weekend! Grandma and Grandpa Wyatt came to visit. The men of Wyatt Hydronics installed a water-softner/filter for the house, the ladies played all day. Then, Cameron and I got dressed up to attend a charity dinner/auction to benefit Maggie's Place while we had babysitters. The event was such fun and I highly recommend going next year if anyone has the opportunity. On Sunday, Ted finally got to experience his Christmas/Birthday gift and rode in an SNJ-6 (WWII airplane) at Falcon Air Field in Mesa. We toured the museum and watched the classic planes take off and land - thrilling for us and Liberty-the-airplane-spotter-pointer, and even more so for Ted who got to see the Superstition Mountains and Salt river from a historic plane ride.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Historic Home Tour - Palmcroft-Encanto

I really like going to the Phoenix downtown historic home tours. I've been to many (Roosevelt, FQ Story, Willo, Coronado, Windsor Square) and of course Palmcroft-Encanto which only comes every other year. The gracious owners let the crowds view a dozen homes (built 1924-1941), and Cameron and Liberty came a long for the fun. I got to go in all the houses, take some pictures for my real estate blog, get some decorating ideas, learn some history, speak with adults...ya know, not my everyday routine. Cameron and Liberty had a blast in the stroller, walking around in everyone's front lawn, looking at the doggies, looking at the classic cars...and letting mommy have her Historic Home Tour. Beautiful lunch and stroll with my beautiful family on a beautiful day in my beautiful city.

Blue Eyes and Red Hair and Fair Skin

The checkout lady at Safeway told me the other day - "I love her coloring!" (meaning Liberty's). ME TOO LADY. ME TOO.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Sign Language

Here is a 1:51 min video of Liberty doing her sign language for the camera (milk, phone, eat, more, all done). After the minute mark she ignores me, but I think the video is funny because she knows she really shouldn't be playing with the remote and throws it when I come towards her! I also thought it would be fun to teach her a made up sign for "swing" - but now she just incessantly signs SWING and looks like a little italian dictator until she gets her I think we have enough sign language for now and are moving on to WORDS (so far she has "Mum-ma", "up", "blegh" (yucky/trash) and her version of meowing/woofing). I'm shocked at how smart she is getting. She can point out the cheese, beans, corn, strawberry and banana when they are ALL jumbled on her highchair tray! I was impressed, but I'm the Mum-ma.

From Swinging - Spring + videos

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Walking to get a pickle

Her walking has improved since we took this video - no more need for pit stops at every piece of furniture:)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Wee Little Leprechaun

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I followed around a little leprechaun all day. What did you do?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Springtime Swinging

It's SPRING! This particular day it was pretty hot out so we started with a hat (vintage circa 1983), then added a sippy cup, and finally the shades. I think she looks like a little old lady:)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


A kid is 1,000,000 times more fun than having a pet monkey or parrot. I assume. Here is a little video of baby torture as I ask Liberty to do a bunch of her tricks.

From Videos 11 month old

Fun in the Kitchen

I thought I should capture this "cruising" stage where Liberty moves throughout the house via the walls/furniture and gets into the kitchen cabinets. She is particularly enamored with the egg beaters and could care less for strainers and pots. She gravitates towards all things breakable, loud and with pointy ends - and the martini shaker - gotta love a martini shaker. I'll try to find that video which I think is on my phone. I realize some of the videos are boring but as mom I cannot push delete. Liberty is also into feeding herself with a spoon, she puts a kernel of food on it and often gets it to her mouth. Oh, and THIS bib is the best $5 we ever spent.

11 months old!!

11 months old and nothing but a joyful little girl. Loves her kitty, her mommy and daddy, her baby doll and walking. Life is good. Here is my little update for our records.

Very into POINTING
Can point out any cats or dogs in a book. Or any hair or eyes or shoes.
Snorty face, indian song, clears throat, tips head back for tickles.
Says "Up"
Says "Meow" by squeaking.
Taps her head when she wants you to sing "Head, shoulders, knees and toes"
Is wearing 18 month size clothes! Tall like dad.
Has a fondness for pickles
Has broken 2 sippy cups from throwing them from the highchair
Morning 6oz bottle, milk sippy cup with lunch and dinner and bedtime 6oz bottle (20oz daily total)
2 naps both 1.5 hours long
1 more tooth, so that makes 7.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Steps!! WALKING!!!

One night before bedtime Liberty took her first steps!! We couldn't wait to wake her the next morning and film THIS!!!!!!! 2 days before 11 months old and she's can waddle like a penguin!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ducky Love

Since Liberty never took to a binky, or a blanket, we were wondering if she'd ever find a "lovey" besides her thumb. Well, I think she is starting to fall in love with a certain duck stuffed animal that was a gift while I was pregnant (even before we knew we were having a girl!). Each day I catch her giving this particular duck extra love.

These video's are not the best since I took them on the camera rather than the FlipVideo, but it's too hard to get the Flip videos of her ducky love on the blog.

1:44 min video of her loving on her ducky:

2 min video of her wrestling around on the floor with ducky:


Her first Mohawk *tear

Liberty's hair is finally long enough to hold a clip! Hip Hip HOORAY! Isn't she the cutest little red head you ever did see?

She is quite interested in hair. She can't point out any body parts yet - but she CAN show you where her hair is and she insist on brushing it herself when we take her out of the bath.

Monday, February 7, 2011

10 months old

She is such a good baby!! There is nothing else to say!! So on to our notes for the baby book:
  • Her hair is growing a lot!
  • Spits, clears her throat, snorts - if you do it first of course:)
  • Waves hi and bye
  • 6 teeth!!! 4 popped through in within 1 week!!
  • Gives KISSES! (even to her baby doll!)
  • Says "MMMmmmm" when eating something yummy
  • Continues to signs "more" constantly
  • Signs "all done"
  • Only wants to eat real finger foods and not baby food.
  • Get's slap happy before bedtime and rolls around and wrestles with us and stuffed animals. I have a video of this but you may think my child needs to be sent to the loony bin - she is so wild and cracking herself up.
  • Walks with the help of holding our hands - no independent steps yet.
  • Hates anything but water in her sippy cup (any solution ideas, leave a comment!)
  • 2 naps (1.25 hours long)
  • Here are pictures of her in her Wilma the Wildcat onesie! UofA!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I want to ride my bicycle...

Liberty is so crazy about her Trike that Santa gave her that she even wanted to ride during the surprise cold weather we had. So we put on a hat Aunt Kelly made her and we were off!

Turn up your speakers - Liberty's first music video!

(click the YOUTUBE button to watch it bigger and in youtube)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Playing with Cheetah's Toys

If it's a cat toy - it's one of Liberty's top 5 toys of all time. The rattly ball (with feathers removed of course), the fish on a string (under supervision), the fabric mouse, the scratch post and now this. I used to feel ashamed I was letting her play with these toys, but now it's commonplace at our house. Cheetah never played with them anyway! Cheetah only plays with hair-clips - go figure. I took these pictures right after Christmas - I was unpacking and Liberty was fascinated with Cheetah's toy (a trapped moving ball in a plastic circle tube) - it kept her attention for a loooong time.

Walking with Push Wagon + wave

I keep telling myself to make a better video of Liberty's skills with her push wagon, but we haven't gotten around to it. So here is an okay video of her when we were home sick a couple weeks ago. She does a little waving in this video too! She waves about 80% of the time you ask her to.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Superstition Farm

All week we had been practicing "What does a cow say?" "Mooo!" - to no avail. But I couldn't help it - I was so excited to take Liberty to a local dairy farm 9 minutes from our house. Superstition Farms is a family owned, hands on, fun farm. We skipped the hay ride/dairy tour and the "milk bar" samples to instead focus on the petting zoo. My girlfriend Chelsea (supermom with Ella and baby Jack) came too and we fed baby goats, a sheep, cows and a horse. There was also chickens, roosters and a donkey. Liberty and I liked the bunny and the baby cows the best. A calf was born when we were there but we didn't take the hayride out to see it (next time!). Even though hand feeding farm animals is not my cup of tea, I enjoyed having lunch there and watching Liberty squeal with delight and want to touch every animal. We'll go back.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

9 month old checkup

9 months old. Notes for our shrine to Liberty aka baby book:
  • 22 pounds 12 ounces
  • 30 inches long
  • signs "more"
  • dances (bobs up and down while standing) to music.
  • favorite song: Hot Dog from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • still won't say mama
  • responds to "No" (I think it's amazing actually how babies know what No means!)
  • wears 12-18 month clothes
  • crawls FAST and cruises along all walls/furniture
  • walks with push-wagon
  • sleeps 7:30-7:30, 2 naps (1.5 hours and 45 min)
  • loves books - especially touch-and-feel and lift-the-flap

We love her little personality. She is getting to be a more independent eater - she rips off her bib when she is done, grabs the spoon, only really wants to feed herself finger foods. She's SO EXCITABLE! If you just say "I'm going to get you" she will squeal so loud and start crawling to be chased. She flap her arms and hurries over to you when you ask her "do you want to read this book"?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Playing at the Park - 6th Wedding Anniversary - 9 months old

January 7th, 2011 - Liberty turned 9 months old and 6 years ago I became Mrs. Wyatt. Our little family of 3 celebrated by sliding down the slide, playing in the sand and racing our remote control car. It was a fun evening at our neighborhood park.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! 2011

We hosted a "kid-friendly, early and short" New Years Eve potluck with a few friends. Liberty's pals Sienna (14 months) and Adalyn (8 months) came over and even newborn baby Jack made a short appearance (too bad I forgot to take the group picture when Chelsea and Jack were here! dangit!) Thanks to the Marti's and Heppner's for the good food and good company. My oh my what a difference a year makes.