Friday, June 29, 2012

It's a BOY!

My hunch was right...we are expecting a baby boy! Liberty's hunch however, was very wrong - but she's coming around to the idea of a brother rather than a sister. Also, 6/9 old wives tales we read about pointed to a boy too. Our ultrasound went great (18 weeks) - baby boy is healthy and still on track to come around Nov. 28. When the tech told us we were having a boy - the first thing Liberty said was "sometimes baby boys puke". :) We all celebrated with dinner at OUTBACK and I pressured Cameron about baby names the whole time. We had a girl name picked out (Abigail) but we only have a very short list of boy names and are undecided. The next day at TARGET Liberty asked to buy the baby some boy socks - so we did - and two shirts she picked out. Now I can stop obsessing about the gender and enjoy my 7 day San Diego vacation with thoughts of our son:)


I bought this playhouse on black Friday last November thinking that when these 113 temps came - we could pull this out and distract ourselves! It has worked. We have had a lot of fun coloring/decorating it and having tea parties, etc inside. Cheetah Girl likes it too (see really cute video).


After an evening swim Liberty slipped and fell in the shower, chipping her front tooth! We called our dentist who amazingly called us back within 10 min (at 8pm at night!) and helped us via phone with how to help Liberty in case her injury was more serious. She was bleeding from her lip and around the tooth and the tooth was slightly loose. He suggested to ice it (yea right, she wouldn't even take a Popsicle) and give her some Tylenol for the pain. She had calmed down within 20 min and seemed fine. She slept through the night and Dr. Patrick saw us at 8am the next morning. He also referred us to a pediatric dentist across the street. After exams and xrays both dentists are optimistic she will keep her tooth - but there is a chance the tooth could start to die and discolor - and in that case may need to be removed. For now, the roots don't look too damaged and the fact she is not in pain and is acting normal (sucking thumb, eating, sleeping, not complaining about it) is a good sign too. The dentist will see us again in a couple weeks and maybe in a month we can file the tooth and talk about cosmetic work, but for now we are letting her body heal itself and don't want to cause any more trauma. Here are some awful pictures I took on my phone of our girl Chippy (can you tell I hate my camera phone?).

Trying to beat the heat

In our attempt to beat the head we've been doing a lot of crafts (beads+glue and water colors are her favorite) and we went bowling at Brunswick Zone. My camera battery was dead so I only got to snap a couple bad pictures with my phone of her in the arcade playing a driving game and a basketball game with Cameron.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bump, Naps, Swim and FATHER'S DAY!

Here is my baby bump at 15 weeks. Liberty wanted in on the photo shoot too. A shady evening swim is Liberty's new favorite ritual with daddy. Daddy likes the no sunscreen, and Liberty likes to be naked and swimming her little heart out. Mommy likes staying dry and hearing them laugh their heads off together. Also included are our pictures from Father's Day! We were going to have lunch at home until Liberty said in her sweeeeeeeeetest little voice "please may I go to the pet store? Hold a tiny tiny puppy verrrry carefully" So we burst out laughing and trekked in the 112 degree heat to San Tan to see the puppies and had lunch at Johnny Rockets where she insisted on sporting her entire 4th of July outfit a little early. Cameron, if you read this, know that Liberty and I feel so loved having you as daddy/husband. The confidence and kindness you teach Liberty everyday is filling up her little life with the most fun memories, the most valuable education and the finest example of true love she'll ever know. Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


We took a road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was an 8 hour drive there so we broke it up by going to Flagstaff for one night. Then we spent the other three nights in a condo in downtown Santa Fe with our friends Carrie and Paul. We toured 2 historic Catholic churches, ate out almost every meal, took a day trip to Taos and explored the town's history, culture, food and art. Liberty's souvenir was several rocks for her new rock collection. I got some beautiful green turquoise, Navajo handmade earrings. Cameron got a history bus tour:) Liberty had ZERO accidents and told us every time she needed to pee/poop - which was usually 30 min. after pregnant lady needed to pee - so we made a lot of stops but we were still very proud of her. We stopped back by Flagstaff for dinner on the way back to say hi to some family.