Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Liberty at 21 months old.

just some family notes to remember our growing toddler by...

Potty training. She's been in panties since Jan 1 (diaper for nap/bedtime - although she's surprised us with waking dry and going pee right away too!). She stays dry and only pees in her potty, with the occasional accident (maybe 1-2 per week). She poops almost everyday in her panties, with the occasional miracle (maybe 1-2 per week). haha. She tells us the second she is pooping so I hope we are really close to getting that resolved soon. Otherwise she gets an A+ and was (pee) trained in the 3 day bootcamp method.

Decided to wake at night for a couple weeks in a row to snuggle. Mommy only. Not cute.

Is nuts for her pillow pet puppy which she has named HENRY (from the Daddy & Me lift the flap book where they build a doghouse for Henry) lol. This is the first item she has named.

Is taking MESSY MONSTERS art class via Gilbert Rec. Friday is our day to stain our clothes and get glitter in our eye.

Is OBSESSED with the alphabet. If I threatened to shoot Elmo in the head, or throw her ABC's overboard she would plead for mercy for the ABCs. If you ask her to identify or find any letter - she can. (capital only). She can also do the sound of about half of all the letters. Mainly thanks to this DVD from our neighbor.

Knows colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, white, grey).

Can count to 3. Can identify 1,2,3,4,8,9

Thinks "going out to dinner" means going to Chipotle. She says "RICE! BEANS! MEAT! APPLE JUICE!"

Her memory is out of control. If I tell her we can go to the park when she wakes up - the first thing she tells me when I fetch her from her naps is "AWAKE! PARK. WALK." followed by other instructions such as "SHOES. ON. GO. WALK. PARK. RACE. AWAKE!" This happens with a lot of different topics. It takes both Cameron and I to swing her in a blanket like she likes to do so she'll bring me the blanket and say "SWING. DADDY. HOME. NO. WORK." Yea, when he comes home from work. Or the boat cruise with Gpa... "AWAKE! BOAT! LAKE. WATER. RUSTY" (gpa's dog).

Other favorites: House/Dance music, especially featuring Uncle Andy (see post below). Trains with Daddy only, her "Elmo Poop Movie" (Elmo in Grouchland - Cameron's least favorite movie) which she got for a rare poop success, water painting on the driveway with the neighbor girls, lollipops, petting Cheetah, brushing her teeth and Dr. Seuss/PD Eastman books.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our Little Raver

Uncle Andy makes a cameo in a house music video and Liberty was in heaven! She wanted to watch that video over and over.
First, on the computer:

So, after we watched it on the computer we put it on the TV which she thought was a great idea:

From 2012-1-19 - Andy's music video

And I'm also posting this video especially for Poppa - she now says "THERE YA GO" (ah ga go) a lot thanks to you! Adorable. (and it cracks me up how devastated she is when the music stops due to technical difficulties)

From 2012-1-19 - Andy's music video

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meet Baby Lily!

My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on 1/12/12 (COOL!). We went up to Flagstaff on Saturday to meet Lillian Elizabeth in the hospital, and then we visited again on Sunday when the family of 4 was at home. Kelly has most of the pictures on her camera but my camera had a few I'll share here. Who doesn't love newborn pictures?!?! She's a little angle fairy. WAY WAY tinier that I remember newborns being (she was 7 lbs 3 oz and dropped weight like they do). Liberty was a 9 pounder so maybe I'm just predisposed to chunkers...so Lily's daintiness was adorable to see.


We promised Liberty we'd go to the zoo only to find out it closed at 4pm on the day we wanted to go at 3:30...so she accepted a trip to cosmo dog park instead. While we figured out the Zoo was closed we also discovered it was the last night for Zoolights (Jan 8) so we said what the heck, we are members, let's go. It was better than I remember it being and Liberty liked it (but this is coming from a kid who enjoys free dog parks).

Monday, January 16, 2012

Capri Dress and Anniversary #7

Cameron and I were married Jan. 7 2005. We celebrated our 7 years of marriage with a posh dinner out at NOBUO at TEETER HOUSE in downtown Phoenix. Thanks Gma for babysitting Liberty (sorry she wet her pants and made you do crafts all night). Cameron and I love to try new adventurous restaurants together - and this Japanese tapas place was awesome.
From 2012_1_8 - Zoolights

When we honeymooned in Italy a few months after our wedding, we bought a little white embroidered dress on the Island of Capri (near Positano). It has always been one of the most special souvenirs we ever bought - we knew one day our daughter would wear it. It has hung on the wall in Liberty's room and we took it down and put it on her and played outside.
From 2012_2_1 - New Years Day Photoshoot in CAPRI dress

From 2012_2_1 - New Years Day Photoshoot in CAPRI dress

From 2012_2_1 - New Years Day Photoshoot in CAPRI dress

From 2012_2_1 - New Years Day Photoshoot in CAPRI dress

(pre-haircuts for both of us)

and my favorite...(future blackmail)...peeing on the potty outside:)
From 2012_2_1 - New Years Day Photoshoot in CAPRI dress

Hi Yasmin!

We met up with our friends the Heppner's for lunch at Joe's FarmGrill. They brought sister Yasmin (Andy's giiiiiiiiiiirlfriend). It was fun to meet her!

From 2012-1-8 - Lunch at Joe's with Heppners

From 2012-1-8 - Lunch at Joe's with Heppners

First Haircut

I trimmed Liberty's hair for the first time. The mullet is transforming to a cute bob. I was sentimental over this milestone but I'm happy with the results.

From 2012-1-3- First Haircut

From 2012-1-3- First Haircut

From 2012-1-3- First Haircut

From 2012-1-10 - Miss Photogenic - ha!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011 - HELLO 2012!!!

Had some friends over to ring in the New Year at our 2nd Annual "Kid Friendly, Early, and Short, New Year's Eve Potluck". The hubs played outside with RC CARS and the girls did chalk and water painting. Dinner was a FEAST as usual and the girls had a blast playing with the play kitchen, shopping cart, and other toys. We also went outside after dark for some firework fun with sparklers and glow sticks. There is something so special about 3 little toddler voices shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR as best they can! Thanks to the Martis for taking most of these great pictures:)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Play Kitchen

The Christmas that keeps on giving...
Since my Aunt Mimi has been in the hospital my parents have spent a lot time in Tucson - delaying their Christmas visit to our house to unveil the play kitchen. But thankfully on the 31st they stopped by for an hour on their way back home and got to see Liberty's reaction to her very own kitchen. She played and played and played and hasn't stopped since. Thanks Gma and Gpa! More pics were added to the Christmas Album in the post below.

Cute ones like this: ha!
From 2011-12-25 - Christmas 2011