Friday, June 14, 2013

Henry at 6 months

My baby angel turned 6 months old on June 5th.

Weight: 16 pounds 10 ounces (25%) (liberty was 19 pounds 7.5 ounces)
Length: 28 inches (95%)  (liberty was 28.25)

sister - no one makes him grin/laugh like her.
bathtime - holy splasher.
tv - sorry American Academy of Pediatrics.
drinking out of my water cup - he goes crazy for it
smiling at anyone that looks at him.

Doesn't Like:

Can SCOOT! army crawls when he wants to get a toy.
Can sit for about a minute before tipping over.
Had his first babyfoods - bananas, carrots, apples, etc
no teeth - I'm still shocked.
sleeps 7pm - 7am
naps 9-10:30 and 1-3pm

Thursday, June 6, 2013


We like to swim in the evening around sunset to avoid the sun (and sunscreen) completely.  Here are some pictures of Henry's first time in the pool.  Our pool is such a light color it doesn't warm up unless it's really really hot - so it was almost too cold to have him get all the way in with the floaty.  Next time.  Liberty is "bold and enthusiastic" according to her swim teacher - so she wants to go in the water all the time and really likes playing with her 4 watering cans (thank you dollar section!).

Pickin' Peaches

We really like to pick peaches at the nearby Agritopia Farms rather than going all the way to Schnepfs Farm (the heat, the crowds, the travel) instead we had breakfast next door at The Coffee Shop and strolled over to get some peaches!  We might come back for Apples in a month or so...

Henry on Playmat 5.5m

Henry would spend all day on his playmat if we let him...he is so easily entertained and can roll around, spin 360* and tries to lunge and scoot (he can scoot backwards a bit).