Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trick or Treating with MOPS and Preschool Fall Festival

My MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) group went trick or treating at a Senior Living home.  It was really cute to see all the kiddos dressed up and going around to all the elderly in the dining hall.

On Saturday Liberty's preschool had a Fall Festival with old fashioned games, crafts, food and a few performances   We had a good time and it was another excuse for this Little Gray Cat to show her dance moves.

35 weeks!

I have a feeling Henry will arrive before his due date of Nov. 28th - so my days are filled with lots of nesting and preparing for holidays with 2 kids!  I packed a hospital bag, have washed Henry's clothes, almost finished the nursery and have only a short shopping list to accomplish.  I feel really ready and would like very much to have my body back since he's quite the mover.  No major complaints besides the waddle aches, some swelling and heartburn.  Here are pictures of the bump 35/40 weeks and Liberty who did the kiss the belly move without instruction which had us laughing.

From BUMP baby #2

From BUMP baby #2

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Out of Africa Wild Animal Park

Fed the giraffe, saw the Tiger Splash show and visited lots of exotic animals up close and personal.  What a park!  Happy outing with Mom-mom too!

Vertuccio Farms

Some Fall Festival fun at nearby Vertuccio Farms with my MOPS group.  Camryn, Liberty's BFF from preschool, was there and they picked out a pumpkin for a future painting playdate:)

Bear Down Arizona

While visiting my ailing Two-Dad in Tucson we stopped at the old UofA to go down memory lane.  Made a wish in the fountain, got an ice cream cone at the Union (making wishes come true!), walked around, had lunch at No Anchovies - good times.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Music Class with Ms. Colleen

Since Liberty was 18 months we've been doing the Gilbert Recreation "Kindermusik" class with Ms. Colleen.  They have formed quite the bond - and on this day Liberty brought her favorite mouse "Amberly" to meet Ms. Colleen's mouse "Alegra".  Ms. Colleen is one of those special people who light up Liberty's life and have taught her so much about listening, sharing, having fun, offering ideas and music.  I wanted to have a picture to capture this moment because it's been a class Liberty and I have shared just the two of us for a long time, and Ms. Colleen was truly the first "teacher" role model in Lib's life.

Ms. Colleen and Liberty (30 months old)

From 2012_10_3 Music Class with Ms. Colleen

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

30 Weeks & NAME!

Here is my 30 week belly bump picture.  I'm actually 32/40 weeks as I write this.  Up 30 pounds, feeling LOTS of fetal movement and feel pretty good overall.  Minor symptoms: heartburn, waking up a million times a night to pee, making myself sick on eating junk - ah pregnancy joys.  55 days until due date!

Oh and the bump is most likely HENRY JAMES WYATT.  But both Cameron and I had a name change on the day of our birth so we reserve the right to do that too - Tyler and Melanie Wyatt:)

From 2012_9_27 Random, 30 week belly, nursery

Liberty wanting in on the action:
From 2012_9_27 Random, 30 week belly, nursery

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Andy Visit!

Uncle Andy came to visit!!!  We went to Sienna's 3rd birthday party (Andy's girlfriend's niece and Liberty's friend) and Andy also helped Cameron build baby Henry's dresser and crib!  Liberty was a big helper and enjoyed the heck out of having company around.  What is it about company that makes kids so wild?!


We went to IKEA to get baby Henry a dresser.  Libs selected a "best friend for Amberly" (the gray rat that is buckled in with her) - which is a gray version of her favorite stuffed animal these days - a mouse/rat named Amberly.  The new rat she named Asha.

From 2012_9_23 Ikea trip

Another highlight - a blue tongue from a lollypop:)
From 2012_9_23 Ikea trip

From 2012_9_23 Ikea trip

Daddy Date Night

Preschool hosted a Daddy Date Night that involved a few performances by the 3/4 year olds (and our 2 year old), and some projects with dad (legos, playdoh, craft stations).  They had a blast together and Liberty seized her opportunity to milk the special evening by requesting a dinner with daddy at Chipotle afterward - happy camper.

Cameron said that Liberty was one of the only kids dancing (even though she decided not to sing I guess).  These videos will probably be so lame to anyone who isn't related to this child - but here is 1 (about 1:30long) - there are more if you click the link under the video.

From 2012_9_23 - Daddy Date Night