Friday, May 2, 2014


We spent Easter in Flagstaff with every bit of family (minus Uncle Andy and Uncle Patrick).  My sister's in laws actually hosted a pot-luck Easter brunch and my Wheeler and Wyatt parents were there.  It's pretty amazing that everyone was so welcoming and on board with that.  It was especially nice to see my pregnant sister and her gang.  Charlie was recovering from a 3 day stay in the hospital and had to cancel his 5th birthday party celebrations - so we were happy to have at least Easter go somewhat as planned and to hold our little ones close.  My dad also got some crappy medical diagnosis, so it was at least nice to get some time with him.  We stayed with my in-laws, played outside, did some Easter egg hunting, played with Grandma's toys (Cameron/Andy lego stash anyone?), and Liberty and I went to Mass at the new-to-me church in Flagstaff.  I was reminded how super casual everyone dresses in Flagstaff (tshirts for Easter Mass?!) and was proud that Liberty and I looked adorable if I do say so myself.  It was beautiful weather and a short and sweet trip.