Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ducky Love

Since Liberty never took to a binky, or a blanket, we were wondering if she'd ever find a "lovey" besides her thumb. Well, I think she is starting to fall in love with a certain duck stuffed animal that was a gift while I was pregnant (even before we knew we were having a girl!). Each day I catch her giving this particular duck extra love.

These video's are not the best since I took them on the camera rather than the FlipVideo, but it's too hard to get the Flip videos of her ducky love on the blog.

1:44 min video of her loving on her ducky:

2 min video of her wrestling around on the floor with ducky:


Her first Mohawk *tear

Liberty's hair is finally long enough to hold a clip! Hip Hip HOORAY! Isn't she the cutest little red head you ever did see?

She is quite interested in hair. She can't point out any body parts yet - but she CAN show you where her hair is and she insist on brushing it herself when we take her out of the bath.

Monday, February 7, 2011

10 months old

She is such a good baby!! There is nothing else to say!! So on to our notes for the baby book:
  • Her hair is growing a lot!
  • Spits, clears her throat, snorts - if you do it first of course:)
  • Waves hi and bye
  • 6 teeth!!! 4 popped through in within 1 week!!
  • Gives KISSES! (even to her baby doll!)
  • Says "MMMmmmm" when eating something yummy
  • Continues to signs "more" constantly
  • Signs "all done"
  • Only wants to eat real finger foods and not baby food.
  • Get's slap happy before bedtime and rolls around and wrestles with us and stuffed animals. I have a video of this but you may think my child needs to be sent to the loony bin - she is so wild and cracking herself up.
  • Walks with the help of holding our hands - no independent steps yet.
  • Hates anything but water in her sippy cup (any solution ideas, leave a comment!)
  • 2 naps (1.25 hours long)
  • Here are pictures of her in her Wilma the Wildcat onesie! UofA!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I want to ride my bicycle...

Liberty is so crazy about her Trike that Santa gave her that she even wanted to ride during the surprise cold weather we had. So we put on a hat Aunt Kelly made her and we were off!

Turn up your speakers - Liberty's first music video!

(click the YOUTUBE button to watch it bigger and in youtube)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Playing with Cheetah's Toys

If it's a cat toy - it's one of Liberty's top 5 toys of all time. The rattly ball (with feathers removed of course), the fish on a string (under supervision), the fabric mouse, the scratch post and now this. I used to feel ashamed I was letting her play with these toys, but now it's commonplace at our house. Cheetah never played with them anyway! Cheetah only plays with hair-clips - go figure. I took these pictures right after Christmas - I was unpacking and Liberty was fascinated with Cheetah's toy (a trapped moving ball in a plastic circle tube) - it kept her attention for a loooong time.

Walking with Push Wagon + wave

I keep telling myself to make a better video of Liberty's skills with her push wagon, but we haven't gotten around to it. So here is an okay video of her when we were home sick a couple weeks ago. She does a little waving in this video too! She waves about 80% of the time you ask her to.