Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Henry's Baptism

Welcome to the Catholic Church little buddy.  Kelly and Doug will be awesome godparents to you.  So happy I got to share Mother's day with this special occasion.

Henry 5 months - sibling photoshoot

Took some pictures and videos of Henry at 5 months.  Time is flying by and the part I love most about having 2 kids of the undeniable sibling bond.  Liberty can't get enough of him, and he thinks she is the coolest.  Savoring that while it lasts:)

Henry at 5 months:
thumb sucking didn't happen:( - he's a binky boy.
moved out of our room and now naps and sleeps 100% in his crib.
has turned into a belly sleeper! Try as we might - he rolls and sleeps on his belly.
naps 9-11am and 1-3pm and maybe a snooze at dinner time.  Sleeps through the night 7:30-6:30am.
Not quite scooting - but spinning around 360* on his tummy on playmat.  Lunges and reaches for toys.
Starting to get very interested in what we are eating/drinking.  He likes to drink out of my water cup.  Will start baby food very soon.
No teeth - guess he's just a drooly child that chews on everything.
Squeezing into 6 month clothes.
Liberty calls him Henry Boy Boy or Henry bobo or my precious darling or a million other endearments.

Hall of Flame Playdate

Fun little playdate at the Hall of Flame Firefighters museum!