Monday, April 26, 2010

First Weeks with Liberty - Bathtime and Grandparents

Liberty is almost 3 weeks old and we have had such a good time with her. Gma & Gpa Wheeler, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Andy...all have been by to visit. And lots of friends with the much appreciated food train! Grandma and Grandpa Wyatt came for a couple days too and spoiled us with 2 fancy dinners and lots of cuddle time for Liberty. Joan also brought a photo album of Cameron as a newborn and I think Liberty is a Cameron's mini-me. Liberty's cord fell off on day 9 so we have been able to do a real bath and "tummy time". She really liked the bath water part, but not the towel dry off part. The second bath was a spur of the moment emergency bath due to a lovely poo diaper. The past weeks have been really enjoyable. There were a couple challenges as Liberty was jaundice after coming home and not getting enough milk from me, so we are forced to supplement with some formula until I can increase my milk supply. She's back to her birth weight of 9 pounds and totally healthy now.

Here are the pictures we've taken over the past weeks - click the slideshow to see them all (69).

Monday, April 12, 2010

Liberty Ann Wyatt BORN 4/7/2010

9 pounds, 22 inches
Born at 5:01pm on Wednesday, 4/7/10

We've been home since Friday and have so enjoyed these first few days with our daughter! She is a good nurser, sleeper and has adorable moments of just being alert and following our voice around with open eyes. She really looks like Cameron's newborn photos and weight/length were the same! We were scheduled to be induced on Wednesday morning, but went into the hospital early because labor had started on its own - everything progressed nicely and Cameron was a A+ coach. Thanks for all the well was a wonderful pregnancy, labor, delivery and the first week as new parents has been a dream. Check back to this blog if you ever want to know what the Wyatt family is up to!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Overdue at the Zoo! and an Easter BBQ!

Hey that rhymes!
We spent Easter weekend trying to walk this baby out at the Zoo and with friends at an Easter BBQ. We figure we had better make plans or go crazy waiting. I was asked both at the Zoo and at Church "When are you due?" and had to say "Four days ago!" which was strange to say. Sunday's BBQ was hosted by the Marti's who are expecting their baby in 5 weeks. The Pittman's and Heppner's came too - so we had a fun photo shoot with Ella (11months) and Sienna (6 months) and all their Easter dress glory. Liberty can't wait to join her little friends!